Sunday, May 9, 2010

Get The Look 4: MARC BY MARC JACOBS S2010

White T-Shirt
Blue Cropped Pullover
Black Shorts

White T-Shirt - Thrifted (Php 70.00)
Blue Pullover with Hood - Thrifted (Php 35.00)
Black Shorts - Thrifted (Php 40.00)

TOTAL AMOUNT: Php 145.00!
God bless ukay ukay! hahahaha! Imagine to get the look of this Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 ensemble I just spent Php 145.00 (around $3)! That won't even be enough for me to watch a movie!
Speaking of movies I think this getup is perfect if you're going to the movies. The pullover can keep you warm and when you step outside you can either take it off or just pull the sleeves shorter.
The pullover I got is not cropped unlike the marc jacobs one but it has a very interesting cut. The sleeves becomes bigger as it closes in to your body. Very nice detail when worn.
Hope this post inspired you again to go ukay!
Keep coming back for more designer looks done ukay style!

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