Friday, May 7, 2010

Ukay Destination 5: PASAY ROTONDA


I know we're not yet done covering the shops in Starmall Alabang but we'll get back to that. For now I'm featuring our next ukay destination which is Pasay Rotonda. It is located, where else, in Pasay city! It is actually the intersection of EDSA and Taft Avenue. This destination has about 8 shops (I'm not sure if there are more) and most of them offer great items. Some of the shops are even airconditioned!

This place is very accessible because 2 major trains pass here, LRT 1 and MRT. If you have a car you can park at the Metropoint Mall basement parking or Infront of the Sogo Hotel if you're in the Northbound side of EDSA.

The ukay shops in the area are listed below:

1. Raberly
2. Boogie Boogie Shop
3. Ukay Ukay Wagwagan
4. Tasi Thrift Shop
5. Ukay Shop 5
6. Ukay Shop 6
7. Ukay Shop 7
8. Ukay Shop 8

I will discuss each shop separately so keep coming back for updates to this post and for new entries.

Intersection of EDSA and Taft Ave.

* Updated June 05, 2010 (Ukay Shop 8, Map)


  1. Where exactly is Ukay Ukay Wagwagan located? Like beside what establishment? I'm planning to go there one of these days. :)

  2. ok my update of this post just answered your question!

    about ukay ukay wagwagan, their stocks just arrived this week so items are still a bit pricey. Their sale usually happens a month after. where items become 50 pesos or 3 for 100 sometimes even 20 pesos.

    Check na lang with them.

    Enjoy your ukay trip!

  3. Hey there, there's another Raberly beside the MRT station when you go up the walkway from Taft, there's also a store that sells mainly shoes right in front of it. So you can make that 10 shops total. :D

  4. WOW! that's great! I'll check those shops the next time im there! Thanks!

    i'd like to ask lang, is it in the SOGO side? or Metropoint Mall side? So its on the second floor? thanks again!


  5. It's after you walk the connecting walkways towards the EDSA MRT Station, you could say it's between the mall and Sogo. Yeah, second floor, if you're arriving from the station, you'd turn left towards the shops and it'll be right there.

  6. ok thanks a lot! will check it next time!

  7. Is this still existing? I want to check on your stocks bwcause im looking for a supplier..

  8. Hi... may alam po ba kayo na korean ukay ukay bultohan sa may pasay?


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