Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Welcome to my blog...!

My first experience in ukay-ukay shopping was over a year ago. But I stopped going to these places just after a month of experiencing it. I got really busy with work and the interest just got lost. Maybe because i wasn't knowledgable in ukay shopping at that time and i wasn't really getting what i wanted. I treated it as an experience.

But these last few weeks i have been into it again! and when i say into it, i mean INTO IT!!!
I've been going around like crazy going back to the past ukay places i've been to and looking for new shops as well!

I'm really enjoying this thing that's why i created this blog. I'd like to share the little knowledge that i know about ukay shopping. So far i have 'documented' close to a HUNDRED shops around the metro! so watch out for these shops!

I also hope that this site can be a venue for ukay-ukay fans to share tips with each other.

So that's it! Our adventure begins!
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