Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ukay Destination 2: MAKATI CINEMA SQUARE

Our next destination are the ukay ukay shops of Makati Cinema Square. Now this destination i really like because the environment is very comfortable. It's Airconditioned and not dusty at all! the distinct smell of ukay ukay is also not as strong as compared to others in the metro. For pricing, it may be a little more expensive compared to your usual ukay ukay maybe because of its location but you'll still be able to score real bargains especially during sale periods. And did i mention that its very comfortable to shop here? By the way the mall has about 5 ukay ukay shops. lets start at the lower ground floor...
This is our first shop. its located at the lower ground floor. Its near the staircase leading to the parking area. They sell mainly clothes and they have a huge selection of it. A few bags are also being sold.
This is probably the most comfortable place to shop because its cold and well lit. During new arrivals it's a bit expensive for ukay ukay standards, but who's complaining if the environment is like this and anyway you can always try to haggle.

Our second shop is located near the entrance of pasong tamo. They also sell clothes, with a few bags. They have alot of women's wear and when they go on sale its really inexpensive. Its also easy to ask for a discount!

Our third shop is right across the second shop. Now this shop only sell shoes and bags.

Now walk at the other end and you'll see the fourth shop. They sell clothes and bags. This shop has a good selection but they are not very generous with giving discounts.

Our last and fifth shop is located outside, Pasong Tamo side. It's called THE SURPLUS SHOP UKAY UKAY WAGWAGAN. This is the largest of the 5 shops in the mall. It has 2 levels. The first level offers a huge selection of clothes and designer bags. Beware though because not all 'designer bags' are authentic some are good copies so do your research before you buy if you intend to get one. The second level offers regular bags and shoes. You can spot alot of good finds in this shop.

So that's our second destination in the Makati area, and there's alot more to come! Enjoy shopping!

Take the MRT and get off at the Magallanes Station. Ride a jeepney going to Pasong Tamo. Its after Don Bosco Makati.

If you have a car, from edsa turn right at Pasong Tamo. They have a basement parking, and a parking area beside Mcdonalds.

Ukay Destination 1: AYALA MRT STATION


The Ayala MRT Station has a total of seven (7) shops! I assume it is owned by only one person because all the shops have the same name, JAMA'S UKAY UKAY. The shops are categorized by the type of merchandise they are selling. One shop is dedicated to men's and women's clothes, another one is offering shoes and bags, beside it a shop that sells children's clothes, and the list goes on.
It's worth a quick visit since it's very accessible, being located in an MRT Station.
So that's our first destination! Hope you enjoy your ukay shopping! More shops from the makati area to follow so watch out!
Just take the MRT and get-off at the Ayala Station.
You don't have to get out of the station. You'll see the shops at the far end of the commercial area.
If you have a car, you can park it infront of SM Makati.
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